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Expert Pants Alterations From Professionals Who Care

Pants Alterations

Pants Alteration Prices
Hem $20 and up
Hem with Cuffs $25 and up
Zipper $25 and up
Taper $25 and up
Waist/Seat $25 and up
Original Hem $30 and up

Pants Alterations With Ease
Thanks to BZ Tailor's fantastic, hassle-free service, it's easier than ever to get your clothing altered by a professional. Here's how it works: Give us a call to schedule an appointment with our professional tailor. He'll come to your home or office to take measurements and pick up your clothing. He'll make the necessary alterations at his office and then return your clothing back to you within three business days. It couldn't be easier than that. No other service in New York City provides door-to-door alterations like we do. Plus, with prices like ours, there's no reason you shouldn't have every item of clothing in your closet professionally tailored to the perfect custom fit.

Save Time and Money on Clothing with BZ Tailor
Imagine how much money you spend on new pants each season. Now imagine a closet full of pants that fit perfectly, without having to constantly shop for new items. Whether you've lost or gained weight, ripped a hole in your favorite pants, broke a zipper, or just aren't comfortable in your clothing, our tailors can help you achieve the perfect fit with every pair of pants you own. You'll save so much time on clothes shopping, not to mention hundreds of dollars, now that you don't need to buy new clothes every season. We're fast, affordable, and we want to help you.

If you've been searching the city for a pro to handle your pants alterations, the search is over. Call BZ Tailor to schedule an appointment today.